1.  All visits must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. "Walk-ins" will not be permitted.

2.  To schedule a visit, go to Sign-Up Genius (see instructions below).

3.  Indoor visitors will enter the building through the main entrance (connected to the parking lot).

4.  Outdoor visitor will go directly to the outdoor visit area.

5.  Visitors will be screened for temperature, other symptoms of COVID-19, and asked about recent exposure       to COVID. Visitors who do not pass the screening will not be allowed to visit.

6.  Visits start and end on time.  If the visitor is late for their scheduled time, the visit will still end at the                scheduled time.

7.  Visitors must sanitize their hands prior to the visit and at the end of the visit.

8.  Visitors must wear a well-fitting mask for their entire visit. They may not remove their mask to eat or               drink during their visit.

9.  If able, the resident should also wear a well-fitting mask during the visit.

10.  Visitors are allowed in the designated visitation area only.  They are not allowed in common areas like              the dining room, nor at the nursing station.

11.  Visitors must maintain social distance of 6 feet or more from the resident, staff and other residents.

                 a.  EXCEPTION:  If the resident being visited is fully vaccinated, the resident can choose to have                              close contact (including touch) with their visitor while wearing a mask and performing hand-                            hygiene before and after.

12.  Pets are not allowed.

13.  Children under age 16 are not allowed indoors. Children are allowed outdoors with supervision.

14. Visiting rights may be restricted or revoked if safety measures are not allowed.

15.  The facility reserves the right to cancel or end a visit at their discretion.


1. Navigate to the following website:




i. On the top right corner select the search icon

ii. Search our social worker, Carly's email:

2. Select an available time shown

a. Click "submit and signup"

b. Complete the required information

c. Select "sign up now"

3. Wait for a call from us confirming your visit

If you have any questions, please give us a call

Carly (Social Worker):  (651) 403-5255

Sarah (Activities Director):  (651) 403.5259

Lacey (Administrator):  (651) 403-5241